A lot like Christmas
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 09:22PM

Thank you to everyone of you who helped me participate in my first craft fair this weekend.

To those of you who purchased...I am so honored that you chose one of my thinkingland products as something to be of use in your "playful" pursuits.  It was delightful to hear of sheep that would be going to houses to sit in kitchen windows, or a cupcake set that would be part of a new play kitchen set for Christmas. And now I have the privilege of finishing orders to be delivered in the next 10 days. 

To those of you who came to support me...I know you had to go out of your way, carry a lot, and take valuable time...but I treasured my time I got to spend with you in the context of a Christmas Craft fair.  I had fun with my friends...and made new ones.  It was a treat to get to know the family behind Frontier Family Farmhouse Soap Co.  They sell natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, salves and other wonderful natural creations.  If you still need items for gift baskets or your guestrooms...check out their Christmas Morning soap.

Thank you to the staff of First Church of the Nazarene, Nashville for putting on Christmas Fest 2011.

My etsy shop (this leads to) is working again...I will keep adding to it as I make new items.  Tonight I am finishing some needle felted ice cream that a friend ordered...it's turning out kinda neat.  I'll make an extra one and put it in the shop.

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