Collecting - Junk or Fodder?
Friday, March 23, 2012 at 11:46AM

So, it's spring, and I have the urge to start spring cleaning.  But, I'm a collector of "useful" things/junk...and sometimes that means taking a beat longer before letting the spring cleaning fervor take hold in the "reorganization" and "decluttering" of my gleaned bounty.  I need to have a thinkingland yard sale or something - so I can share my "useful" finds.  But, I have some half-baked ideas that aren't ready to turn loose of some of my fodder yet...that's not always the most helpful place to be though.  :o)

I've posted links before from the folkstreams website.  It's a documentary preserve of films examining American roots culture.  Today I found one on Collections - and it puts my "collectiong" a bit more in perspective.

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