Infograph-ing Play
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:44AM

Get ready for your heart to leap - a previous Infographic of the Day on Fast Company's website is called the Periodic Table of How Kids Play.  Created by Laura Richardson, a former Frog Designer, it looks at 11 play categories that she defines from her research of Play Literature (consulting work from thinkers like D.W. Winnicott). 

There are 11 play categories, from morphing to questing and from stretching to creating, and subsets of activities in each. "Play is our greatest natural resource in a creative economy," Richardson writes.  *Richards does have a few statements/interpretations that I do not fully agree with - but they do not diminish the benefit that the infographic is to play facilitation.

Richardson was part of the 2010 Frog Design Series - The Four Secrets of Playtime that Foster Creative Kids

The graphic will surely inspire you to think on how to stretch playful learning into another area of the day, the house, the yard, the grocery store, the car ride, etc.  Read it, Print it, Post it, PLAY IT!

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