A series of curated vignettes by

Kyla Easterday, MMFT.  Enjoy!

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thinkingland was born in the early days of blogging. . .it was the year 2000 and I asked jokingly what a land for thinking would be like. . .a thinkingland.  www.thinkingland.com began as a blog with musings on current events and other issues through a Christian worldview.  It's been a few years.  I've grown.  I long for more than musings.  So, thinkingland is growing too. 


This environment for learning is a series of curated vignettes -- afterall, learning happens within a context.  Some things can be purchased.  Many things can be made at home.  


Kyla has created ways for all ages to play and work together from her earliest days.  She combines texture and information in ways that both educate and delight.  From a play flower shop in her Granny's basement at age seven to classroom learning to elaborate trade show exhibits, she instinctively understands how to achieve learning objectives. With bachelor's degrees in child & family ministry and early childhood development and a master's degree in marriage and family therapy, Kyla is able to reach both educational and therapeutic goals through her creations.

Most of all, Kyla strives to glorify God and point to His truth through her work.